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A fucktoy is often referred to as a cumdump. The slut above is a perfect illustration of this term. Sometimes as an owner it’s fun to stroke myself, a bit of alone time, no stupid whores around. But cumming into a tissue is messy and then needs clearing away.
Far better to summon a fucktoy when I’m close; I can call it with a text message informing the whore I need my cumdump. The slut knows what this means and enters without saying a word, then bends over and presents its rear fuckholes. When I’m ready I simply stroke my cock into the human fleshlight and dump my cum. When I’m finished the whore arches its back as much as it can to prevent my cum spilling. But no matter if it does; she can just lick it off the floor.
That is what a cumdump is. A living tissue, a cum receptacle. A good little fucktoy.